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Surface Unexpected Customer Insights.

Increase Marketing Effectiveness.

Use customer feedback to empower your marketing campaigns and activities. Improve the marketing metrics that matter.


Capture voice or text conversations & feedback from multiple channels


Make sense of all the data using AI/ML


Make customer-driven decisions

Monitor customer satisfaction and protect revenue 

Use Voyc to monitor your customer satisfaction levels across all channels of conversations and feedback.


Analyse retention calls to identify why customers are leaving. Reach out to unsatisfied customers and show them that you care and hear them. Protect revenue and transform unhappy customers into your most loyal promoters by addressing their issues.

Find potential brand issues and safeguard your brand's reputation

In a competitive market, your brand is a key differentiator. With Voyc, you can make sure you are covered from any potential issues that can damage your brand's reputation.


Easily search, flag and create alerts for conversations containing reputationally damaging keywords and phrases.

Understand how your customers talk about your product

The contact center is a treasure trove of insights. Voyc will show you the most popular phrases your customers are using to describe your company, product, and features.


Edit your product marketing material to resonate with your customers and improve conversions.

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