Data Security in the AI-Powered Call Centre

AI-powered call centre

Tumultuous times set the tone for the era of transparency and data security in the wake of countless data breach scandals running rampant in the tech industry.  Global enterprises (read data powerhouses) find themselves embroiled in a battle royale between privacy and power. Consumers are ready to evict social media companies and institutions that don’t […]

The Importance of Voice AI Tech in Customer Service

Happy woman on the phone outside

Our interaction with technology is changing, and nowhere else is this more prevalent than in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. From employing virtual assistants in our homes to playing with immersive virtual reality in our spare time, the uses seem endless and are otherwise pervading our personal lives.  Having been on the investment radar for […]

Automating Quality Assurance in Contact Centres

Quality assurance manager in a call centre

Does your call centre effectively manage the quality assurance process with minimal losses and maximum insight?   The advent of social media, chatbots and email are mere examples of how digitalisation has transformed the way companies interact with their customers. Throughout the inclusion of these mediums, phone support still remains a popular option for customers and […]