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Directions to combat the spread of COVID-19 in SA call-centres

🌍 The COVID-19 virus is an international pandemic and the spread of the virus in call centres is of particular concern. The directions were published in the Government Gazette No. 43224 (9 April 2020) and summarised by Voyc below. They serve to address, prevent and combat the spread of COVID-19 in call-centres. These directions only apply to call-centres that provide essential services.



🏛 Remain within the premises during work hours.

🤒 Monitor yourself for symptoms of COVID-19 infection (coughing, chills, sore throat, shortness of breath, body pains, diarrhoea, fever) and report your symptoms to a supervisor before entering the call-centre.

😷 Inform your supervisor if you experience the above symptoms during your shift.

↔ Practice social distancing by keeping 1.5m2 distance between others in the workspace.


✂ Share equipment, stationary, utensils or similar items with co-workers.

👥 Congregate or crowd certain areas.



📄 Conduct a risk assessment in the call-centre to identify, mitigate and eliminate potential exposure to COVID-19 transmission.

✋ Disable access points with biometric contact.

💨 Ensure there is proper ventilation.

💦 Supply dispensers of alcohol-based hand sanitiser in the call-centre and provide each employee with access to their own dispenser.

🗃 Make sure surfaces and equipment are cleaned and disinfected at the start of a new shift and every four hours thereafter.

🍽 Make provision for employees with regards to clocking-in and the use of canteen facilities to maintain social distancing.

🕛 Check with employees, when they enter the premises, whether they have experienced symptoms in the past 24 hours.

😷 Send employees home for self-quarantine and provide them with a surgical mask if they display symptoms either upon entry into the premises or during the day.

🌡 Take and record each employees’ temperature at the start of the shift and every 4 hours thereafter, and take necessary action if the temperature exceeds 37.5℃.

⚕ Isolate employees who are suspected of having COVID-19 and report them to the Department of Health.

🛡 Implement any additional requirements for employees regarding personal protective equipment (e.g. face mask).


🙅‍♂️ Have more than a third of the normal workforce during the period of lockdown.



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