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The Importance of Gaining Real-Time Customer Feedback without Losing Intuition & Empathy

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Reliable, agile and iterative. This is the wishful customer feedback trifecta in the insight discovery formula. Wishful, because it often seems like an unattainable goal for market research teams that need to acquire, analyse and take action based off of the data mined during customer interactions. In the spirit of innovation, empowering campaigns or validating product and UX designs with rapid and ongoing customer feedback should be an essential in the ever-evolving marketer’s toolkit.

The fabric of social technology is changing, and one side-effect is that customers feel empowered to notify brands of their experiences. Never before has it been so convenient to link up with consumers in their element and truly learn from them. Still, many organisations are ill-equipped in their desire to collaborate, analyse and adapt. According to an eye-opening research deposit by Deloitte, customer-centricity in the information age is in fact king, or, as the data reflects, companies that employ customer-centric strategies are 60% more profitable than those who don’t focus on their customers.

An interesting development observable in companies that emphasise customer-centricity, is that customer discovery is conducted in several departments across an organisation. The role of collecting and analysing customer data goes beyond market research, in fact, it becomes everyone’s goal to know the customer.

Customer Development and the necessity of prompt feedback

With Customer Development moving into the spotlight as a desirable modern-day marketing methodology, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of buzzwords, finding yourself stranded without a strategic way forward. So let’s cut through the noise: Human-centered interaction with your customers will help you to understand their motivations, attitudes, desires and the challenges they face. Your customer’s guidance is invaluable in eliminating the guesswork so that you can successfully validate the processes that follow and eventually build products that people actually want.

The challenge here is feedback. Feedback about an experience that’s happened months ago will likely be inaccurate owing to the deterioration of memory, which is why we want feedback from our customers in real time. The importance of an issue or an experience may no longer hold any relevance, which is why investing time and marketing efforts on it is always a risk. Realistically speaking, it could take weeks to collect data from interviews, then transcribe and analyse the data and deduce actionable insights. By this point, the window of opportunity has likely been shut.

A major turning point in the resolution to timeous customer feedback?

Marketing and customer facing teams found that surveys (specifically digital surveys) were quick to deploy and analyse. On the flip side, surveys pose a major challenge for market researchers: Do they really help you answer the true "Why" behind customer behaviours? Or will customers only answer with what you thought the problem was?

With this latest challenge to overcome, the question now is, “How can companies efficiently understand the needs and wants of their customers, without sacrificing the integrity of data?”

Where Voyc is changing the game.

The vast majority of companies are acknowledging that there's just no substitute to talking to your customer when you need answers to complex behaviour patterns. So part of the Voyc vision is to streamline the process, making it easier for teams to realise their customer research potential. In future, we believe that companies will routinely reach out to customers in order to understand their experiences for the sake of improvement. The resultant shift in thinking around the nature of this interaction will mean that customers welcome dialogue opportunities with organisations.

With the progress being made in the field of natural language processing and machine learning, we believe these interactions will not be surveys but rather natural voice conversations.

The future is voice. This is only the beginning as seen with the success of Alexa and Google home, or even the smartphone users’ embrace of the Google voice search option. This "No user interface" offers people the option of moving to the voice interface. Imagine the ease with which surveys and customer interviews can be conducted, analysed and successfully turned into validations that are actionable.

By leveraging the Voyc platform, feedback can be collected in real time and organisations can then drill down to the ‘why’ for a view of how their customers feel they are doing at the present moment.

We’re focused on making market research as accessible as possible by helping you realise expert customer insights much faster than the manual qualitative research process. Think your team could benefit? Experience Voyc by booking a demo.