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Voyc is a cloud-based AI software solution that can monitor 100% of your contact centre calls

Voyc helps companies automatically identify interactions of regulatory importance, such as complaints and vulnerable customers, and provides everything you need to train agents to improve and handle these interactions more effectively.


Create operational efficiencies in your QA workflows with its alerts, analytics and reporting functionalities.

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Be instantly alerted of high-risk compliance breaches, customer complaints or when a caller displays signs of vulnerability. 

Reduce overall call volumes by resolving customer complaints before they become escalations.


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Have full visibility into your contact centres without having to check-in repeatedly with agents

The Voyc Analytics feature gives you a time-sliced birds-eye view of what is said in 100% of calls in the form of topics, keywords, and emotions. 

Drill down into topics, keywords and emotions, and navigate directly to the moment in the call to listen within two clicks.


Classify calls and identify trends in customer interactions within your business with fully automated topics. 

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Voyc uses sentiment analysis to automatically measure seven types of emotions displayed by your customers and your agents, namely: politeness, sadness, frustration, excitement, satisfaction, frustration, sympathy, and impoliteness.

Dead Air Time

See the Dead Air Time for each call and filter calls by the longest dead air time to be prioritised for assessment.

Dead air time

Search functionality

The user-friendly search and filter functionality allows you to narrow down your contact centre interactions to focus on your specific needs, for example viewing calls by agent name or by a specific phrase. 

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QA Workflow Optimisation

Voyc is designed to fit perfectly into a QA workflow and helps QA teams improve the speed of assessment by building automated scorecards, providing insights into script adherence, and allowing you to add coaching notes and assign calls easily.

Automated scorecards


Evaluate calls 5x faster by using Voyc's automated scorecards with a possibility to manually overwrite and adjust the agents' scores.

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Coaching notes 

Assign calls and leave coaching notes easily.


Start by jumping directly to the moment in a call where an alert was triggered to gain more context, thus saving time by eliminating the need to listen to the entire call recording. Then leave coaching notes, assign the call to a manager, supervisor, or the next team member in your defined QA workflow. 

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Automatic Verification of Calls

Quickly filter out calls where your agents don't follow the script. 

Voyc enables 100% of calls to be automatically verified against a script and assigns a script adherence score to each call. 


Script Builder & Decision-tree script

Easily build your contact centre script using the Voyc drag and drop script builder. 

Voyc can assess calls with scripts that have decision trees.


Unlike other Quality Management solutions, Voyc does not require the call recording to be tagged with the call type. Voyc automatically discovers the various topics within a call and assesses whether the agent handled them according to the correct script.

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Agent Performance Reports 

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Consult Voyc script verification reports to identify who the top performers are, dive into the lower performers, and see hotspots for targeted coaching.

Use these insights and Voyc time-stamped notes to coach agents by playing specific call snippets as examples and providing targeted feedback. 

Agent Performance Reports
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Cloud-based platform

Voyc is cloud-based and is accessible through the browser. The AI software solution is built on machine learning and deep learning with voice-to-text transcription accuracy levels greater than 90%. Voyc operates its production infrastructure in the cloud on Amazon Web Services which is ISO27001 and SSAE16 SOC2 Type 2 compliant. Voyc adheres to GDPR regulations.