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Increase Sales Conversion Rates.

Improve Regulatory Compliance.

Align your sales and compliance efforts to create more comfortable, user-friendly buying experiences.

Identify popular objections and increase conversions

Voyc will help you identify the top reasons why your sales are not closing and make it easy for you to know what to do to improve your conversions. Including but not limited to: customer needs, agent behaviour, product/policy restrictions, cost, brand dissatisfaction and lead sources.


Maybe your product requires work or perhaps you just need to arm your agents with some effective objection handling phrases (Voyc will help you find these too!).

QA 100% of calls and increase script adherence

Voyc’s unique search and filter will help you flag the calls that your QA team needs to evaluate. Eliminate redundancy by only listening to flagged calls that didn't adhere to the script.

Reduce QA headcount and drive career mobility for employees who want growth or change. Pick up on sales agents lacking product knowledge and saying "I don't know", making incorrect promises such as "policy won't increase", or identify suspicious caller behaviour such as saying "hold on let me get my ID number". For verification, make sure everything is captured correctly. Verify sales faster and speed up revenue generation.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Voyc helps you surface the mentions that relate to regulatory frameworks, such as Treating Customers Fairly, so that you are able to improve adherence to market conduct regulations and reporting requirements.


Catch misselling before it gets reported and protect your business from punitive fines and reputational damage.

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Sales and Compliance


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