AI software to monitor contact center interactions & feedback

Increase Sales & Compliance. 
Improve Customer Service & Experience. 

Retain Customers.


Capture voice or text conversations & feedback from multiple channels

Your customers are constantly giving you feedback through a plethora of channels - calls, emails and surveys. With the number of channels growing exponentially, monitoring all of them is challenging and time-consuming.


Voyc helps you integrate all channels so that you don't miss a single thing.


Make sense of all the data using AI/ML

Analysing large amounts of conversations no longer has to be a cumbersome process that requires an expert researcher​.


Powered by AI and machine learning, Voyc will help you achieve expert insights infinitely faster than the manual qualitative research process.


Make customer-driven decisions

The most succesful companies today are customer-centric and make decisions based on data.


Voyc allows you to create dynamic dashboards of customer insights that will help your teams identify patterns and know where to act.

CEO Telesure Long Term Insurance.

“It’s difficult for us to turn customer conversations into insights but so far it’s been encouraging to see that with Voyc are able to achieve this quicker and with less bias than we have achieved in the past“.

Laurence Hilllman

“I'm truly convinced that Voyc is providing an actual solution to developing meaningful customer insights from the customer research".

Florian Peter

Associate Partner McKinsey and Experience Design Lead for Germany.


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Analytics, CX data and automation; it all means nothing without the people working to make things happen.

People like us and teams like yours.  

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