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Building trust in your business by ensuring consistency and care in every customer interaction.

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“Voyc has allowed us to have greater control over our recording and caring for clients that identify as having vulnerable characteristics. 

The alerts are easy to use and mean our compliance team can in real time identify clients that our agents may miss as requiring extra care, and adapt our services accordingly. The alerts help us improve our client experience, recording for regulatory purposes and our business processes.”

Poppy Kelly
Compliance – Hilltop Finance

Conversation Intelligence Software That Allows You to
Monitor 100% of Interactions

Clearly see how to improve your business performance with risk and performance insights from 100% of your customer interactions in one easy to use platform.


Regulators in consumer industries are steadily increasing their focus on consumer protection. Voyc helps regulated firms minimise the risk of compliance breaches in 100% of customer interactions – from the largest contact centres to customer-facing teams of just a few professional staff. 

Voyc can be your first and second line of defence against many risks to your business, before they escalate. These include the risk of regulatory action for conduct breaches as well as financial risks associated with mis-selling, agent sales errors and redressing complaints.

Voyc delivers detailed reports that can be configured to the precise needs of the business. Actionable management information (MI) and insight on customer interactions and outcomes, as well as robust data for evidence to regulators.

Voyc constantly monitors the quality of customer interactions and raises instant alerts calling for attention and intervention whenever a potential issue arises. This leads to improved outcomes and a better customer experience.
With Voyc, there are no capacity limits. It automatically monitors 100% of interactions, instantly recognising high-risk cases. And with Voyc’s powerfull workflows you can go from insights to action as fast as possible.
Voyc monitors the content of every sales call, regardless of volume. This means that you can expand your sales team without a commensurate increase in Quality Assurance resource. Voyc instantly flags unsatisfactory and incomplete calls flagged for QA attention – resulting in higher conversion, lower complaints and minimised lapses and cancellations.

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Building trust in your business by ensuring consistency and care in every customer interaction.

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Voyc is a proud member of the Consumer Duty Alliance, CCMA, Protect Association, and other industry associations.


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