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Voyc enables regulated firms to check 100% of contact centre interactions with our speech analytics AI software, helping to improve operational efficiencies, catch complaints, identify vulnerable customers, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.


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Monitor 100%
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Empowering contact centres to handle every interaction with consistency & care

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What is Voyc?

In the face of increasing regulatory pressure and consumer distrust, it has become imperative for financial services companies to monitor 100% of customer interactions.


It’s an all too familiar challenge: How can companies ensure that 100% of customer calls are effectively monitored for quality assurance and in a way that is scalable, cost-efficient, and objectively accurate? 


Voyc helps companies automatically identify interactions of regulatory importance, such as complaints and vulnerable customers, as well as create operational capacity to focus on business improvements that drive positive customer outcomes.


Promising quick implementation, ease-of-use, and bank-grade security, Voyc is here to revolutionise your quality assurance processes.

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Boost operational efficiency

Voyc enables you to scale your quality assurance efforts without extra costs and resources, helping to monitor 100% of calls, prevent multiple call-backs, reduce the number of formal complaints, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.


By optimising the quality assurance process with fewer people, you create operational capacity to coach agents, collaborate more effectively, prioritise vulnerable customers, and stay focused on delivering unbiased assessments. 

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Improve customer experience

Building customer loyalty can take months, if not years. But it is inevitably important to prevent churn and secure revenue for your business in the long-term.


Our speech analytics capabilities use sentiment analysis to understand not only the words of your customers, but their emotions too.


With these insights, you have full visibility into your contact centres without having to repeatedly check in with agents. With Voyc, you can identify frustrated customers and potential escalations more proactively for a better customer experience. 

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Strengthen your first line of defence

We know managing risks at regulated firms is an everyday battle. By monitoring and analysing 100% of contact centre interactions, Voyc optimises the process of risk management to ensure fair customer outcomes while protecting your reputation.


Receive prompt alerts whenever agents miss mandatory compliance phrases, customers express dissatisfaction, or suspicious activity is identified, helping to strengthen your first line of defense.

Voyc icon_Drive more sales

Drive more sales

With comprehensive quality assurance coverage, you can effectively measure agent performance and identify where coaching and sales training is needed most.


With these insights, you can discover why high-performing agents sell more, identify reasons for non-take-ups, recognise why quotes are not turning into sales, increase cross-selling opportunities, and ultimately maximise sales revenue. 

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Your results with Voyc


Monitored interactions


Complaints automatically captured


Improvement in QA Scores



in formal complaints


More interactions checked by QA assessors

What our customers say

“I have seen nothing like this. Most digital QA solutions are only measuring the tone of the conversation - I have seen nothing that checks for compliance phrases like Voyc does.”


—  Wynand Olivier, Partner Legal & PR at King Price

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Why companies choose Voyc

Real-time speech analytics
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Easy to implement

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Easy to use

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Bank-grade security

Award-winning technology

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Ready to discover the power of Voyc’s AI technology? Get in touch with one of our experts 

What you can achieve with Voyc:


  • Monitor 100% of customer calls with an 80% reduction in manual work

  • 5x more calls checked by quality assurance assessors 

  • 99% complaints automatically captured

  • 50% reduction in formal complaints

  • Identify and protect vulnerable customers

  • Get the data insights you need to optimise sales performance and improve coaching


Voyc is a proud member of CCMA, Protect Association, and other industry associations