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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to build contact centre software that bridges trust between companies and customers

Our Story

It all started in 2015, when Voyc’s co-founders, Matthew and Lethabo, then UCT Engineering Graduates, were sharing grievances about poor interactions they have with contact centres of retailers. They concluded that their poor experiences were due to a common trait that many large companies seem to have - they simply don’t seem to care about their customers.


They decided to start a User Experience agency to help companies understand their customers better. While running this agency they encountered the pain of manually listening to and analysing recorded interviews. They both thought to themselves that surely a solution that automatically analyses conversations and highlights key themes should exist. Failing to find anything, they created the first version of Voyc for themselves - a solution to analyse conversations automatically.

After making it into the prestigious Techstars SAP.iO accelerator in Berlin, they were exposed to the world of contact centres, and their perception of customer service changed. They realised that contact centre professionals do, in fact, care about their customers. They just don't have enough time and capacity to manage every interaction consistently.

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Furthermore, the contact centres quality assurance processes designed to deliver insights and improve operations were manual and inefficient. These involved listening to randomly sampled calls and checking for compliance using Excel scoresheets.


Matthew and Lethabo realised that the technology they were building could give contact centres the capacity to monitor 100% of their calls.


Fast forward to today, Voyc is relied on by dozens of contact centres to find which customers need further assistance and which agents need further training.


The Voyc team is dedicated to bridging the trust gap between companies and customers by empowering contact centres to handle every single interaction with consistency and care.


Voyc has set a goal to monitor the calls of 200 million end customers and make sure that they feel 'cared for' whenever engaging with a company that runs Voyc.

Voyc values putting people over everything

People Over Everything

We strive to be generous and thoughtful in every interaction with each other and our customers.

Voyc values driving results

Driving Results

We are enthusiastic and have a strong desire to meet and exceed objectives.

Voyc values playing to win

Playing To Win

We are especially competitive, committed, and focused intently on winning.

Voyc values persuing knowledge

Pursuing Knowledge

We seek knowledge because it allows us to achieve wonderful things and to live interesting, fulfilling lives.

Our Values

Meet the Team

Matthew Westaway

Co-Founder and CEO

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Lethabo Motsoaledi

Co-Founder and CTO

  • Lethabo Motsoaledi LinkedIn

Jean Weeber

Lead Engineer

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Tendani Netshitenzhe

Front-End Engineer

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Cameron van Eck

Machine Learning Team-Lead

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George Sithole

Back-End Engineer

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Tatiana Pitsiladi

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Damien Pond

Machine Learning Engineer

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Irina Nikitina

Head of Marketing

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Chays van Deventer

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Gill Hart

Sales Partner

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Voyc Team Roland

Roland Govender

Sales Partner

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Our Advisors

Jeroen Plink

Ex CEO at Practical Law US 

  • Jeroen Plink LinkedIn

Ex COO at RSA 

Insurance UK

  • Sonya Homewood Linkedin

Annu Augustine

Product Management


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Ex CFO Zoona

Our Investors

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Our Locations


The Hague

Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 35,

2595 AN Den Haag

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Weesperstraat 61,

1018 VN Amsterdam



10 York Rd, SE1 7ND



Cape Town

Studio 11, Montebello Design Centre,  31 Newlands Avenue, Newlands, Cape Town

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