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We’re here to proactively pinpoint risks and strengthen your first line of defence

Are the Increasingly challenging regulatory requirements putting your business under pressure, making it difficult to focus on delivering a service to your customer and being operationally efficient at the same time? Voyc ensures you maintain industry-leading regulatory standards, whilst creating operational capacity to focus on value add activities.

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The challenge


The high cost of human capital means that most regulated firms struggle to QA more than 5% of their calls with customers. 


This not only makes them increasingly susceptible to financial and regulatory risks, but it jeopardises their ability to consistently deliver fair customer outcomes. 


A new approach to quality assurance in contact centres is urgently needed to increase QA call monitoring and to avoid businesses paying unnecessary fines for being non-compliant to the tightening regulations. Businesses should be able to easily demonstrate to regulators that they consistently strive to treat customers fairly. 


Voyc monitors 100% of customer interactions and captures 99% of complaints. This ensures exceptional customer experience and drives a cost-efficient and proactive approach to quality management. We’re here to optimise end-to-end quality assurance and complaint handling workflows at your contact centres. That way, you don’t settle for the tip of the QA iceberg.

How Voyc helps with risk and compliance at your business

Voyc empowers your business to monitor 100% of calls for 100% quality assurance. Whether it’s optimising the complaints identification and resolution process, more accurately targeting mis-selling, or identifying vulnerable customers, see below how our cloud-based solution can help your business. 

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Accelerate and optimise the handling of complaints

Regulated firms often feel like they’re fighting an uphill battle when it comes to meeting regulatory requirements. 


Voyc solution identifies complaints and sends alerts to business for quick resolution. This ensures escalations do not become formal complaints. Voyc customers handle and resolve 20% more complaints in any given day, saving up to $100,000 (£72.000) per year by avoiding escalations.   

Vulnerable Customer

Identify and protect vulnerable customers

Your business needs to be well equipped to identify and treat vulnerable customers fairly. 


Voyc will make it easy to recognise customers who need extra support by detecting potential vulnerability markers in call interactions. Alerts will be sent to your QA team who can ensure necessary steps are taken to deliver consistently fair outcomes. Automated reports on your team’s treatment of vulnerable customers make it easy for you to share this data with regulators. 

Find out when customers express dissatisfaction

Our speech analytics, sentiment analysis, and automated alerts identify when a customer is angry, frustrated, or threatens to go to social media or an ombudsman. 


These insights allow you to react quickly and stop additional complaint calls before they are made, reducing your overall call volumes. With Voyc, you can cut formal complaints by 50%, prevent avoidable compensation costs, and safeguard customer satisfaction. 

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Reduce conduct risk breaches 

It is vital  that your products and services are marketed and sold to customers in a way that is clear and not misleading.


Voyc will make this a reality by helping you identify calls where customers did not give an explicit yes, did not fully understand the product, or if agents offered advice outside of their expertise. 

Get the insights you need to optimise sales scripts

No matter how complex your script, Voyc provides high-level insights into what works, and what doesn’t.


Voyc can identify which compliance phrases agents are consistently missing, providing the tools to optimise your script to promote easy and compliant selling. 

Contact Centre using Voyc

Helping you to consistently deliver on the six Treating Customers Fairly outcomes

Regulated firms are understandably held to strict standards when it comes to ensuring the fair treatment of customers. Helping you to consistently deliver on the expected six consumer outcomes leading to the fair treatment of your customers is the driving force and central ethos of our product, making it a priority for both your company and ours. 

       Culture and Governance   

       Product Design               

       Clear Communication    

       Suitable Advice       

       Performance and Standards    

       Claims, Complaints and Changes

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Anton Keet head of risk services at 1Life

“Managing risk and being able to offer exceptional customer service is critical to any insurance business. The support of Voyc is a competitive advantage for the healthy growth of any company.”

—  Anton Keet, Head of Risk Services at 1Life 

Upholding strict regulatory standards


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