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Helping to keep your customers happy, and your agents performing at their best

Measuring customer satisfaction doesn’t need to be a guessing game. By preventing complaint escalations and enabling more transparency into how agents are speaking to customers, Voyc unlocks a wealth of customer interaction data so you know what it takes to keep your customers smiling, and your agents performing at their best. 

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The challenge

Measuring the quality of your customer experience is only possible when you actually listen to your customers.  It sounds obvious, but many of today’s regulated firms are struggling to monitor even a fraction of their contact centre interactions.


This leads to a lack of understanding of customer needs. Businesses will constantly ask the fundamental question: “How can we keep our customers happy?”, but without insights into why customers are calling and how agents speak to them, this question often goes unanswered.


We believe that the quality of your customer service is only as good as your quality assurance coverage. To ensure each and every one of your customers is truly heard, you can’t leave that to manual human processes alone, given the regulatory pressures and limited budgets already constraining contact centres.

Voyc’s AI-powered speech analytics ensures you are always listening to your customers. Our robust reporting allows you to proactively monitor customer behaviour, and deliver a continuous feedback loop of objective insights to keep your agents performing at their best, and your customers consistently satisfied. We guarantee 100% quality assurance coverage for 100% customer satisfaction. 

How Voyc helps measure and improve your customer experience

By monitoring 100% of customer interactions, Voyc ensures you have the insights you need to measure your customer experience based on facts, not guesswork. Voyc will allow you to  be more proactive in reducing formal complaints, improving agent performance and increasing customer loyalty. 

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Understand how agents are speaking to customers

Your contact centre agents are the face of your business to your customers, and it’s the quality of their interactions that defines your customer relationships. It is critical to understand what they are saying and how they are saying it. 


Voyc detects agents who display impolite behaviour, miss compliance phrases, fail to ask permission before placing customers on hold or provide inadequate support for vulnerable customers. With these insights, you can train your agents effectively and solidify your customer relationships. 

Monitor not only the words of your customers, but their emotions too

Much like any human interaction, reading between the lines tells you just as much as the words themselves. 


Voyc uses sentiment analysis to detect the emotions of your customers, with automated alerts identifying when a customer is angry, frustrated, or using language that signals a high-risk of complaining to social media or an ombudsman. By spotting the early signs of the customer wanting to cancel their policy with you or any type of dissatisfaction, you can immediately address the issue and protect customer loyalty. 

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Detect trends into why customers are calling

Your contact centre agents should be focused on delivering quality customer service. When they are tasked to do manual logging of call reason codes and other insights it takes a lot of their time and distracts them from talking to customers.     


Voyc provides visibility into your contact centre customer interactions, identifying common queries, questions, and concerns that make your customers call you. By getting a bird’s-eye view on these metrics, you can address and fulfil customer needs long before they reach out, cutting down on inbound calls and freeing up agent time for more positive and proactive outbound calling. 

Reduce cancellation rates with Voyc

Understand what it takes to reduce cancellation rates

Customer retention is critical for long-term success. The cost of attracting a new customer is 5x higher on average than retaining an existing one. Your agents are the last line of defence in their ability to promote the benefits of the customer continuing their relationship with your company and are invaluable in protecting your revenue.


Voyc gives you clear insights into the root causes of cancellations, helping you understand why your customers agreed to your product but have not continued to pay. This information will empower your business to adjust pricing, product benefits or change agent behaviour to ensure the customers you sell to will be your customers for life.  

Equip your marketing team with knowledge

In customer-centric organisations providing every team with access to customer data and insights is crucial in order to deliver positive customer experience and enhance customer loyalty. Marketing teams are often left in the dark when it comes to contact centre interactions. As a result, a crucial part of the omni-channel customer data is not utilised for marketing programs.   


In order to have a truly 360 degree customer view, Voyc offers your marketing team comprehensive reports on customer interactions with your front line, sentiment analysis, and alerts to create highly-targeted and contextually relevant offers customised to your clients’ needs such as cross-sell campaigns or loyalty program invitations. 

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Measure the impact of better customer experience

Regulated firms often struggle to prove tangible financial benefit evidence on any Customer Satisfaction improvement investment activity that they undertake. Voyc provides you the data you need to measure the impact of improved customer experience on your loyalty, retention and ultimately the bottom-line. 


With Voyc, you can make improvements on the following key customer satisfaction metrics: 

        Improve Net Promoter Score (NPS)  

        Increase Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)     

        Reduce Customer Effort Score (CES)

        Improve First Call Resolution rate

        Improve Customer Retention rate 

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“Now more than ever, customer experience is king. Voyc meets this need by providing access to a treasure trove of customer insights stored in call recordings. They say timing is everything, and Voyc’s time is now.”
 Esther Nkosi, Head of Client Care & Client Experience at Momentum 

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