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Create loyalty. Drive profitability

- Discover how agents are speaking to customers.

- Understand the top reasons why clients call.

- Find out what your customers like and dislike about your product.

- Determine if customers calling client services are happy or not.

- Be proactive and identify customers at risk of leaving.

- Gain insights into the root causes for cancellations.

Discover how agents are speaking to customers.


Explore what your agents are saying and how they are talking to your customers. Identify agents who are not following appropriate phone etiquette, for example, by finding calls where they don’t ask clients for their permission before placing them on hold. 


Identify agents who require product training by finding calls where agents say, “I don't know”. 


Filter calls to find situations where agents are impolite or frustrated and leave feedback for soft skills training sessions or notify management in the case of a serious issue requiring an HR hearing.

Understand the top reasons why clients call.


Maintain full visibility into your (remote) contact center and understand why customers are calling, without having to ask your agents. 


See what the most common queries and questions are and how they change over time. 


Use this information to update self-service support channels so that customers can access this information and perform routine tasks without requiring the assistance of an agent. 


This will drive down call volumes and enable you to use your team's increased capacity to proactively call customers who may require support. 


Identify repeat calls and why issues are not resolved the first time.

Fine-tune the compliance script to reduce sales complexity.


Valuable product feedback lies trapped within hundreds of calls in your call center. 


This feedback is richer than surveys as it is given in real-time, in context and without solicitation. 


Help the product team figure out client needs by sharing what customers are saying about your product and the questions they are asking.

Determine if customers calling client services are happy or not.


See the overall sentiment of calls on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. 


Drill down into dissatisfied calls to find the reasons for frustration and make improvements in the business to address these issues. 


See whether the reasons are related to the product or agent behaviour for training.


If you remunerate agents based on post-call voice of customer surveys this will help you remunerate agents fairly by not penalising them for issues to do with product performance that is out of their control.

Be proactive and identify customers at risk of leaving.


Spot the earliest signs of churn before it's too late. Set alerts for when a customer drops a hint that they may be cancelling, for example, queries around discounts and call the customer to prevent cancellations.

Gain insights into the root causes for cancellations.


Pinpoint why customers want to cancel or why their policies have lapsed. 


Uncover what the top agents are saying to handle these rebuttals more effectively and save clients, and use these examples to train the lower performing agents on how to prevent cancellations or increase reinstatements.

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