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We improve collaboration between your QA assessors
and contact centre agents for maximum operational efficiency

Creating operational efficiencies doesn’t need to jeopardise the quality of your customer experience. Voyc optimises quality assurance processes at your contact centres to help your team reach their full potential in a way that is objective, cost-efficient, and consistently compliant.

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The challenge

It is a constant and delicate balancing act for regulated firms to deliver a positive customer experience while managing costs and operational efficiencies. 

The instability brought about by COVID-19 has made it more important than ever for your QA assessors to work in harmony with your contact centre agents to maximise business growth. 


However, it is near impossible to optimise quality assurance and scale operations in a cost-efficient way without technological automation. 


Voyc provides AI-driven software that allows you to boost operational efficiency without spiralling costs and without compromising on quality. Voyc will ensure your business operates like a well-oiled machine and is ready for whatever challenges lie ahead. 

How Voyc helps boost operational efficiency at your contact centres 

Voyc enables unbiased assessments to make your quality assurance processes consistently cost-efficient and accurate, whether it’s by cutting down on call-backs and creating more operational capacity or automating call monitoring with our AI-driven speech analytics capabilities. 

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Monitor 100% of calls without excessive costs

Voyc helps monitor 100% of your calls but it isn’t designed to replace the human touch. 


Instead, Voyc enhances your quality assurance resources and allows them to focus on value-added activities where their expertise is needed most: getting to the heart of customer needs, coaching agents to reach their potential, and ultimately creating better customer outcomes.

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All your agents can be top-performers

To create operational efficiencies businesses need to gain  as much value as possible from company resources. 


Voyc  provides insights into missed compliance phrases, inconsistent authentication, and the overall performance of agents when speaking to customers. This ensures a constant feedback loop of objective information to help you identify how best to train agents, and recognise what it takes to be a top-performer. 

Automated reporting for comprehensive evaluation

Having the right data at your fingertips allows you to easily and confidently track performance and recognise where improvements can be made. 

Voyc configures reports to your specific needs. You can get a bird’s eye view on metrics ranging from script phrase adherence to the amount of ‘dead air’ during calls. 

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Fostering collaboration between QA assessors and agents

Too often contact centres develop a culture of “us versus them” between agents and quality assurance assessors.


This inevitably has a knock-on effect on performance and morale, which not only impacts your team, but your customers too. Voyc adds objectivity to quality assurance to create consistent, data-driven processes that remove personal bias and ambiguity, enabling both departments to collaborate more closely and perform at their best. 

Easy to implement, easy to use

We know the familiar challenge of implementing a solution, only to find that integrating it into your daily workflow becomes a costly and complicated process that drains valuable time and resources. 


We support you and your specific needs every step of the way to make implementation as quick, hands-on, and hassle-free as possible. Voyc’s user-friendly interface also ensures your team won’t require extensive training to use the solution, so you can start reaping the benefits from day one. Our team will continue supporting you post implementation should you have any questions or require additional onboarding.


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Powered by industry-leading AI technology

Voyc automated speech recognition technology engine is based on state-of-the-art deep learning that results in an accuracy of over 90%. Unlike other automated speech recognition solutions, Voyc isn’t stagnant. It auto-learns from your data and continuously improves, delivering even greater accuracy and understanding over time.


Voyc is entirely cloud-based, requiring no physical infrastructure , so you could be up and running within a day.


“Voyc is not just reducing QA costs and helping manage risk better, Voyc reduces rework, improves customer satisfaction and helps businesses stay compliant. On top of that, I was very impressed by the level of professionalism and support
we received from the Voyc team during
and after POC implementation.”

—  Castro Zingisile, Head of Medical Underwriting, Claims & Platform Management at MiWayLife 

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