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We help you find your winning formula for sales success

Do you need to increase your sales penetration within your contact centres? Voyc unlocks valuable insights into agent performance and customer behaviour to help you coach your agents effectively, maximise sales opportunities and ultimately increase bottom-line revenue. 

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The challenge


Faced with increased regulatory standards, constrained budgets, and cut-throat competition, financial services companies today face numerous challenges achieving rising business revenue while keeping agents consistently compliant with regulatory requirements. 


All too often, insufficient insights into customer contact interactions lead to a lack of understanding of where sales opportunities are not being maximised by agents. These agents are not getting the insights of how they can be performing at their best.

With many contact centres only monitoring a fraction of their customer interactions, they’re not gaining access to the data they need to coach agents effectively, understand customer needs accurately, and find the winning formula for the perfect sales call. After all, high performing engaged agents equals quality sales and satisfied customers. 

Voyc makes quality assurance processes work with your business goals, not against them. We automatically monitor 100% of contact centre interactions, allowing you to take care of call based regulatory requirements, providing insights into agent performance, identifying risk areas, and pinpointing upsell/cross-sell opportunities that may have been missed. By giving you a better understanding of customer needs, you can ultimately maximise sales revenue. 

How Voyc helps improve sales performance

Whether it’s recognising the secrets to success of your top-performing call agents or looking for conduct risk within a sales call to ensure remediation, Voyc does all the heavy lifting of call monitoring for you, unlocking insights to optimise sales processes and monitor customer behaviour. 

Inbound Sales Alert

Understand why quotes are not turning into sales

Improving sales effectiveness starts with examining your current situation, and recognising the reasons behind a missed sales opportunity.


Voyc monitors call interactions to discover the exact reasons behind a client declining an offer, whether it’s due to customer dissatisfaction, agent behaviour, policy restrictions, or other factors. By pinpointing common incidents in lower performing agents, you can improve agent coaching and increase the average premium.  

Contact Centre Coaching

Find out why your top-performing agents sell more

It can be difficult to get clear-cut insights into why some agents consistently sell more, while others consistently struggle. 


Voyc monitors how agents interact with customers and what tactics they use to overcome sales objections. With this on-the-floor feedback, you can identify best practices and use these insights to train underperforming or newly hired agents. 

Support the digital journey every step of the way

Today’s customers are more likely to make a purchase online than ever before, yet 68% of modern customers still want to speak to an agent before they complete a purchase. 


We know that your agents are crucial in getting a sale to the finish line quickly. Voyc can pinpoint where a customer left the online buyer journey and ensure that your agent proactively follows all remaining script requirements to finalise a sale efficiently, meeting your customer’s needs fully.

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Uncover the reasons behind non-take-ups/high lapse rates

Policy lapses and high NTU rates are a constant challenge. Many financial companies struggle to get insights into the root cause of why a customer agrees to a purchase but then fails to pay.


Voyc provides data insights and trend reports to help you investigate NTUs and lapsed policies, and establish a clear cause, whether it’s related to agent performance, affordability, or the original lead source. By identifying lead sources with high NTU rates, you can reduce lead costs and focus on quality lead supply.

Identify sales with underwriting risk

If you are not monitoring 100% of customer interactions, it’s all too easy for incorrect policy sales and premium offers to be made by your agents, which may lead to preventable claims payouts and loss of revenue. 

At Voyc, we automatically quality check sales calls for you and pinpoint when agents fail to ask the correct risk-related questions, no matter how complex your underwriting decision-tree script. By automating this process, you can catch and resolve agent errors promptly, helping to verify sales faster, limit risk exposure, and accelerate revenue generation.

Guaranteed results with Voyc to streamline your sales process

Numbers speak louder than words, especially when it comes to sales. Here are some of the key metrics we promise to deliver for your organisation. 

       100% of all customer interactions monitored

       5-15% increase in quote-to-sale rate

       10-30% increase in conversion rate

       50% decrease in end of call silence

       5x faster sales verification

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Contact Centre using Voyc

Increase cross-selling opportunities

To ensure additional revenue streams are fully utilised, Voyc helps you recognise which agents are (or aren’t) consistently offering value-added products to customers. 


With these insights, you can train and incentivise your agents appropriately to ensure customers are provided products and services relevant to their needs. This will optimise your cross-selling tactics for maximum revenue.

“With Voyc, I love how we see who isn’t mentioning the add-ons and leaving premium on the table.”
 Wynand Olivier, Partner at King Price  

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