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Lift Conversions. Maximise Revenue.

- Discover why the top-performing agents sell more.

- Deduce why quotes are not turning into sales.

- Identify the reasons for non-take-ups/high lapse rates.

- Increase cross-selling opportunities.

- Identify sales with underwriting risk.

Discover why the top-performing agents sell more.


Uncover what your top-performing agents are saying to build rapport and win customers over. 

Find out how the agents with the highest sales or lowest NTU rates are pre-empting & overcoming sales objections, and use these examples to improve the coaching and performance of lower-performing agents. 


Deduce why quotes are not turning into sales.


Pinpoint the reasons why clients are declining offers,  including but not limited to: customer needs, agent behaviour, product/policy restrictions, cost, and brand dissatisfaction. 


Dive into the ends of the calls to understand how the call ended and deduce how to coach agents to keep prospects on the phone. 


Identify incidents where agents quote low because of perceived affordability and coach agents on how to overcome sales apprehension and increase the average premium.

Identify the reasons for non-take-ups/high lapse rates.


Determine the factors associated with clients completing a sale but not making payment, resulting in a policy lapse. This includes but is not limited to: agent behaviour (such as incorrect, misleading information), affordability, customer experience, policy/process restrictions, and lead sources.

Identify lead sources with high NTU rates and reduce lead costs. 

Increase cross-selling opportunities.


See which agents are not offering value-added products to customers, and leaving additional revenue & premium on the table.

Identify sales with underwriting risk.


Quality check sales calls and identify calls where agents did not ask all the risk questions correctly, resulting in either an incorrect policy being sold or an incorrect premium being offered to the client. Call the client back to rectify the error and provide them with the correct product, to prevent claims payouts due to staff errors. 


WIth Voyc automating this process you will also be able to verify sales faster and speed up revenue generation.

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